US Road Trip: Oregon // CEO In Progress

US Road Trip Part 1: Oregon

This is a pretty adventurous trip, so I figured I would start breaking this journey up into a few parts so the post about it isn’t a novel.

To start though, a quick recap of how we ended up on a plane headed to Portland in the middle of November. My husband is a huge car guy, and fell in love with the most reasonably priced corvette that was everything he ever wanted. It was, unfortunately though, in Portland. After lots of calls, pictures, and videos sent, he was convinced this was the right one, and we bought it from across the country, signing the bill of sale once we arrived.

We started off leaving Portland as Portland always is, raining. Of course, it’s a new car to us and we haven’t driven it before, plus it’s a pretty quick car with summer tires, so that was more than a little terrifying to begin our journey. That was the first time my mind was screaming at me, ‘are you crazy?!’

Before this I was confident that everything would be okay, but now that the car was ours and we had the road ahead of us, I think that made a big difference. It was real and happening and there was no going back.

After some parking lots rounds and a bit of time to get used to the car, we got back on the highway and cruised out of town, much more confident but still a little nervous about what was to come. We stopped for lunch about an hour out of town, and after a bit of an exhaust mishap that was quickly resolved by a local repair shop (still learning how low the car is!) we were on our way again.

US Road Trip: Oregon // CEO in Progress
We were only able to get about 4 hours east that first day. We were pretty exhausted from getting up early, the 5 hour plane ride, the time change, and the stress from leaving Portland with a new car. Our original plan was to do about 8 hours a day, but this plan was also about not having a plan, so we decided to settle in for the night. We made it to La Grande and stayed at The Landing Hotel.

We picked it when we were at lunch and reserved right then, and we were not disappointed. It was a little boutique hotel that Jo Gaines would be proud of. Shiplap on the walls, exposed beams, and the cutest wine bar on the bottom floor. I wanted to move in, but I guess that’s ‘frowned upon’.

We spent the night hanging out at the wine bar, eating delicious pesto flatbread, and trying to stay awake until 9pm. The people who run the Landing Hotel were sweet and very knowledgeable, the place had just been open about 6 months but they were already in such a great groove. They were incredibly friendly and loved to hear our story and plan. Plus their coffee in the morning was absolutely perfect, so another great plus.

The next day we hit the road and headed to Idaho, but I will save that post for another day!



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