Wireless Weekend: Up North Michigan Vacation

Wire(LESS) Weekend: Internet Free Weekend

This weekend was exactly what I needed. We were able to get away from everything and head north to Alpena, visiting my parents cabin and getting some much needed outdoors time. They have a great little cabin with lots to do near by, but the best part about their cabin is the lack of service and no wireless internet. Coming from a girl who has an apple watch strapped around her wrist all day, everyday, most people would find it a death sentence. But there is nothing better than completely checking out from useless updates that you don’t need. I didn’t miss anything important, and it was wonderful not sitting on my phone but making memories with family (including deck-building lessons…yeah, I helped build a deck).

We spent most of the time outside, relaxing/supervising deck-building, kayaking, going to the driving range, and even skeet shooting (fail on my part). Of course I had my camera on me like usual, but it was wonderful not to worry about staying checked in online and instead focusing on what’s around me: beautiful weather, great people, and funtivities.

Everyone needs a weekend where you let go of what other people are doing and just enjoy your life. Sometimes we are so concerned with what our online profiles look like we forget about what our real life is like. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get on a photo, but how much fun you had while taking it. I’m glad I can share my experiences over social media, and I’m glad I can stay connected with people I miss on a daily basis (you know who you are!), but getting away from it all is worth it’s weight in gold every once in a while.

On our way home, I finally was able to get cell service and quickly got on Instagram. It was a couple minutes of scrolling through evidence of other people’s weekend activities before I remembered I was driving through a beautiful national forest with the love of my life. I put the phone down, and we enjoyed gorgeous up north Michigan scenery the rest of the way home (besides my short nap… it was a long weekend).

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